This Privacy Policy is applicable to the investment part of the Twilightfunds website and cannot be applied to the core operation of the system, which is secure money transfers within the Bitcoin network. This Privacy Policy explains to the Participants what kind of information is collected by Twilightfunds during operation, why this is being done, and how the collected information is used. By using the Twilightfunds services, the Participant confirms that the Participant has read all the parts and section of this Privacy Policy, fully understands their content, and accepts and agrees to comply with them. This Privacy Policy may be added to or modified by Twilightfunds at its sole discretion at any time without prior notice to the Participant.

1 . Collecting information

1.1 The Twilightfunds website in the course of operation may collect the following information from the Participant's device: IP address, device information, including but not limited to the identification, name, and type of the operating system, the device's geographic location, mobile data network information, the type and version of the web browser, the data exchanged between the Participant's device and the Twilightfunds website, and the list of the pages the Participant visited on the Twilightfunds website.
1.2 Twilightfunds has the right to request from the Participant additional information, including the Participant's name, date of birth, and/or any other information necessary to confirm the Participant's identity.
1.3 The system reserves the right to collect information about any activity of the Participant on the website.

2. Storage and protection of personal data

2.1 "Personal data" refers to information that can be associated with a particular person and can be used to identify this person.
2.2 Twilightfunds stores personal data of the Participants on servers located in the European Union and protects them using physical, electronic, and legal means in accordance with federal and local laws.

3. Use of personal data

3.1 Twilightfunds agrees to use the Participant's personal data for the foll owing purposes only:
3.1.1 In order to provide Twilightfunds services and customer support to the Participant.
3.1.2 To process the Participant's transactions and send notifications to the Participant about the status of these transactions.
3.1.3 To resolve disputes between Twilightfunds and the Participant.
3.1.4 To prevent illegal actions.
3.1.5 To personalize the services provided to the Participant, gather website usage statistics, and improve the interface and content of the Twilightfunds website.
3.1.5 To verify the information provided by the Participant. (See section 1.2).
3.2 Each Participant can change the information provided to the system at any time on the Participant's account settings page.